Dave East Says He Doesn't Like The Song He Made With Lil Uzi Vert

By Daryl Nelson

In an interview with the Canadian publication Ssense, Dave East spoke about "Don't Try Me", the song he made with Lil Uzi Vert.

Even though Dave said Vert is killing the game right now, he doesn't think their styles mesh on the cut.

"They hot. They hot as shit," he said about Vert and other rappers with his style. "But us making music together is a stretch.  I just did a track with Uzi, but I’m not the biggest fan of the song, just because that ain’t me. It seems like at least some of the trouble has to do with the process itself ... We all could get super high, get an Air BnB, listen to Metro Boomin or one of these beats that’s killing the club, but that don’t really take too much. For an artist like me that’s lyrical, that likes to write and do research on the dudes before me, I just really want to talk some shit and have you listen while the others are turning up."

Dave also spoke about how new school rappers talk about taking drugs these days instead of selling them.

"Future ain’t popping 40 pills a day and drinking all that," he explained.  "But he’s saying it — ‘I’m on my fifteenth molly’—and the people that are going to go try that shit are going to end up in a fucking coma somewhere ... I feel like when I grew up music was aimed toward the hustlers, the dude that was selling the drug, not the user. Now it’s more the junkie. This is the clientele side. Before you wanted to be that dude who had it and was getting his money. Now it’s the fiends ruling it.”

Do you want to see a rapper like Dave East collab with a rapper like Vert, or should they stay in their respective lanes?