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Dave East Responds To DC Young Fly Clowning His New Hair Style [VIDEO]

By Daryl Nelson

Dave East and funnyman DC Young Fly had a roasting competition online.

It started after the Harlem rapper posted some photos of his new hair style, and DC made fun of him.

"All of a sudden, I'm craving for some pineapple juice. Pina colada head ass," he said. "You know you're head is shaped like SpongeBob's house. With a haircut like that you can't sell me no weed ... With a head like that, you sold Baby those big ass shoes."

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Dave quickly responded.

"You look like Squidward and Plankton from SpongeBob," he yelled. "You look like the nigga from Class Act, 'Why nobody wanna play with my froggy?' You had the audacity to talk about Lil Baby, knowing you look just like that nigga. You look like Fresh if he was from Atlanta ... You built like this Belaire bottle. You shittin' me?"

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Of course, DC came back with some more jokes, so this may go on for a little while.

"You fake ass Asian looking ass nigga," he said. "Boy, you the only nigga I know that's a model for Sears. Look Dave, that's round one. Leave me alone."

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Who do you think won this back-and-forth?


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