Dave Chappelle Pissed Off A Bunch Of Fans In Detroit And They Want Their Money Back

By A. Mia Logan

You know what's not funny? Watching your favorite comedian, whom you've paid good money to see, sit through an entire show drunk, slurring his speech and "smoking quietly" on stage. Well, that's what happened to a bunch of fans in Detroit who paid anywhere from $50 - $240 to see Dave Chappelle on Thursday. As you can imagine, all of those people are understandably vexed, and of course they are demanding a refund. Welp, tough titty for those fans because the Fillmore Theater where Chappelle performed, is like "not our problem, bro".

Here's a video of Chappelle's set:

Fans in the audience posted on Facebook that the show was a "waste of time and money", "HORRIBLE" (their emphasis, not mine, I wasn't there, *shrug*), and ironically, "more like a press conference".

A rep for Chappelle isn't exactly denying this either, stating that " Out of the 50 shows on the tour, Thursday was definitely not his best set.  On the flip side, the incident inspired some additional sharp-witted material and (Friday) he came back with a vengeance."

How you guys feel?

A) They need to give out refunds

B) Eh, it happens to every comedian at least once

C) You don't care, you just want to hurry up and see his HBO special



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