Dave Chappelle Jokes About How Much Netflix Paid For Comedy Specials [VIDEO]

By HHL Editors

chappelleNetflix reportedly paid Dave Chappelle $60 million for three comedy specials.

On Jimmy Kimmel last night, Chappelle joked about all of that cash.

"Money" he immediately said when Kimmel asked why he put out the specials after a 13 year hiatus

He went on to say that two of the specials were already completely done, which made his decision to sell them really easy.

According to Chappelle, it used to bother him when people knew how much money he made, but he no longer cares.

Just don't expect a big tip if the funnyman wonders into your bar or resturant.

'I don't know if you've heard the stereotype, black people don't tip well," he told Kimmel. "I'm holding the line."
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