Danny Brown Explains Why He Blasted Iggy Azalea on 'Atrocity Exhibition'

By HHL Editors

Danny Brown's new album Atrocity Exhibition dropped today, a few days early.

On the last track of the album Brown takes a shot at everybody's favorite Australian whipping girl Iggy Azalea.

Respect for lyricism in this game, ain’t none left/Have a bitch like Iggy think she sicker than me/And that’s so fucked up, that’s just how this shit be," he raps on 'Hell for It.'
Hmm. It sounds like there may be a backstory there.

Or not.

"It just rhymed," he told Complex about his anti-Iggy bar.
So on top of all of her Hip Hop credibility problems, poor Iggy has a very rhythmic name.

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