Damon Dash Tries His Best Not To Talk About Jay-Z, Disses Spike Lee In Wild Interview

By HHL Editors

The last time Damon Dash did a big radio interview he accused his former business partner Jay Z of being a snitch.

He didn't want to that again this morning during his chat with Power 105's The Breakfast Club, and got pretty heated when Charlamagne and company tried to steer him in that always-fun direction.

"Everybody knows my history with Jay,” Dame said. "Get off of that man. You never ask that man no questions about me. I just don’t want to talk about those days. I haven’t even seen Jay but two times in 15 years. I don’t play these ghetto games. Once a nigga has certain friends we don’t even talk about him no more where I’m from."
So basically, even when Dame is trying not to talk about Hov he accuses him of snitchery.

He didn't even try to hold back when speaking on another famous Brooklynite, Spike Lee.

Dash is trying to make his move into movies, and accused Lee of being "too arrogant" to talk to him. Then he called Spike out for not doing enough to help his old community.

The entire interview is below and it's weird, wild stuff. Among other things, Dash suggests anyone who works 9-5 or has a boss has no pride in themselves.

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