Damon Dash Says He Misses JAY-Z, But ...

By Daryl Nelson

Damon Dash said he misses JAY-Z and misses making business moves with him. But he doesn't necessarily want to go back to they way things were.

"I do miss the friendship," he told Us Weekly. "We were good friends. On a human level, of course we were friends. You miss the friendship. It was a camaraderie. We were both fighting for the same thing. There was ideals. I do miss those ideals, being around people that are honest and you know, will do anything. [But as] you evolve, men ain't supposed to be wanting to hang out with other men as they older. They're supposed to hang out with their girl and their family, so it has to happen regardless. But you still miss high school. You sill miss camp, but I don't want to go back to it."

Although he tries hard to talk about other things during interviews, Dame often brings up Jay. A couple years ago he claimed Hov was an informant. He also had a crazy interview on The Breakfast Club a couple of years back, where he got heated when Jay's name was brought up.

How do you think Dame feels about Jay's success, especially now since 4:44 is being talked about so much?

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