Damian Lillard Takes Instagram Shot At Russell Westbrook After Buzzer Beating Shot


Paul George called Damian Lillard's series-winning three-point buzzer beater last night a "bad shot."

We'd agree. It's not a shot you'd usually want to settle for with that much time on the shot clock and the game tied.


But we'd also call the Trailblazers guard's 37-footer with George guarding him a skilled shot and a terrific one.

After the game Dame seemed to target George's All-Star teammate Russell Westbrook with this Sun Tzu quoting IG post.

On to the next...

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If you doubt that was for Russ, consider what Lillard told Yahoo! Sports earlier this week when asked about Westbrook's emotional tactics. 

“I’m not even paying attention to it,” Lillard said. “But when I do see it, that’s cool. He does it every game, so it doesn’t bother me. I don’t celebrate in someone’s face and try to disrespect my opponent. But if a team calls a timeout, I’ll go acknowledge the crowd and celebrate with my teammates as I’m going to the bench. I’m not going to say some wild s---. I think with him, he’s pounding his chest and talking s--- and that’s what gets him going. That’s the difference between us.”

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