Dame Dash Says Cam'Ron Got Shot Over 'Paid In Full'


When Cam'Ron was shot in both arms during a 2005 carjacking in Washington DC, he famously laughed it off, mocked his carjackers for not getting his bling, and promoted his upcoming album.

There was never an official motive for the shooting.

Dame Dash claims Cam was shot for his role in Paid In Full.

 Cam'ron's Rico character in Paid In Full was based on the late Alpo Martinez, who was sentenced to 35 years in prison in 1991 after striking a deal on  14 counts of murder.

“Cam went through a lot, you know he got shot over that role in Washington,” Dame, who produced Paid In Full, said during the All The Smoke Podcast. “Yeah, that was over that. He’s never told his story, but there was times I hadn’t really realized what happened I was asking him to do another role once and he was like ‘yo bro I got shot over that role.’

There was a certain scene where he was like ‘I don’t wanna do that scene.’ So when I found out I felt a little responsible and I didn’t wanna put anybody in that position again."

Does that sound right, or is Dame cappin?

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