Dame Dash and Kanye West Are In Hot Water over 'Loisaidas' Film

By A. Mia Logan

Dame Dash and Kanye West  got back together to produce the Harlem-based film Loisaidas, which is coincidentally the same name of the Latin music group that is now suing the artists for "tarnishing their brand."

Michael Medina, a producer for Loisaidas the band, is claiming that Dash and West's film about street life will negatively affect the group's brand.

Medina says:

"I'm disgusted that they're taking a brand that I made and built and turning it into something that it isn't." We're a bachata group, we do music, we do videos, we do audio. It's not a movie based on something that happened — some street activities. That's not what I'm promoting."
Medina doesn't seem to have much of case. The word Loisaidas stems from an early term for the Hispanic portion of the Lower East Side neighborhood in New York City, so while I'm not Judge Joe Brown or anything, what is there to possibly be compensated for?

Tell me what you think:

A) I see his point B) This guy is tripping C) Real men don't speak about other men's court cases

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