Dame Dash Fires Back At Roc-A-Fella & JAY-Z Over "Reasonable Doubt" NFT Lawsuit


Roc-A-Fella is suing Dame Dash, who co-founded the label, for trying to sell JAY-Z's classic Roc-A-Fella album Reasonable Doubt as an NFT.

Dame says that's not what's going on.

According to Dash, he's trying to sell his entire 33 percent share in RAF.  Hov tried to buy the stake back in March, but Dame says he lowballed him so now he's putting it out to any buyer.

According to Dame, if he does sell to someone else, "Under the terms of the deal with a potential buyer, the buyer would buy my share of Roc a Fella Records, and Jay-Z will have exclusive administration rights."

Dame thinks Roc and Hov filed the lawsuit about the NFT as a scare tactic so he won't sell his stake to an outsider.

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