Dame Dash Fires Back At Lawyer After Getting Hit With $50 Million Sexual Assault Lawsuit


Dame Dash is being sued for $50 million for sexually assaulting photographer Monique Bunn.

You can read the details here. The short of it is Bunn was staying over at Dame and his fiancé's house for business, sleeping in Dame's daughter's bed, when she says an underwearless Dash crept into the room and started feeling her up.

Today, Dame fired back at the lawsuit, accusing the Bunn's lawyer Chris Brown (not the singer, obvs) of being a "black culture vulture" and of starting a "me too" movement against him.

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He is now trying to start the black Harvey Weinstein me too movement against me and he is representing another lawsuit with another allegation #ChrisBrownTheLawyer I’m gonna deal with this on a beach in Hawaii ... I will not be extorted... check your mans Collar at the end wait for it ...more depositions with #chrisBrownthelawyer coming soon!

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If you recognize that video of Dash going ham on Brown in a deposition it's because it's from a different lawsuit one of Brown's clients has filed against Dash.

So this should all be entertaining.

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