Dallas Rapper To Serve Prison Time For Crimes He Bragged About In His Raps


Nykees "NaNa" Earl Campbell rapped about robbing a man and shooting him eight times while he slept.

He wasn't convicted or even formally charged for that crime. But it looks like he's going to serve time for it.

The 20-year-old did plead guilty in February to a charge of distributing cocaine. It was his first conviction and the sentence for that is six years. However, Assistant U.S. Attorney Rick Calvert asked the judge to give NaNa an enhanced sentence because he had been accused but not convicted of several murders -- including one in which the victim was shot eight times during a robbery.

To bolster their argument, prosecutors played NaNa's incrimination rap video during the sentencing hearing.

They also argued that NaNa was the leader of the violent YNB Stretch Gang in south Dallas and that once he was locked up on the coke charges the gang's criminal activities ceased.

District Judge Barbara Mynn ended up giving the rapper/coke dealer 12 years. She told NaNa that she rarely grants requests for punishment beyond the sentencing guidelines, but since the information “came out of your mouth” she made an exception.

NaNa's attorney Dianne Jones McVay is planning to appeal. 

"My client is guilty of rapping. They can't prove their murders," she said. "But they want to blame my client for all of them."

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