Dak Prescott Asked Post Malone To Be On A Track


Post Malone's dad is the manager of concessions for the Dallas Cowboys so it's no surprise Post is a huge Cowboy's fan.

He put former Cowboy's QB Tony Romo is his chorus for "Psycho."

“My roof look like a no-show, got diamonds by the boatload. Come with the Tony Romo for clowns and all the bozos.”

That got current Dallas QB Dak Prescott thinking he should be in Postie track too. So he brought it up jokingly with Post, who obliged with a name drop in "Wow."

"Always goin' for it, never punt fourth down. Last call, Hail Mary, Prescott touchdown," Post sings.

Not long after Post dropped "Wow" -- which is still number five in the charts -- Prescott hit Cole Beasley for a TD on fourth-and-15 to give the Cowboys a late lead against the Giants in Week 17.

"I was like, 'Oh, damn.' I might need to get Post to write more songs," Prescott told the Dallas Morning News. "Super Bowl songs."

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