The D.O.C. Says He's Lived With Dr. Dre Most Of His Life

By HHL Editors

It's no secret that The D.O.C. has written a lot of Dr. Dre's lyrics.

But you might not know how close the two men are. In an interview with Vlad TV, The D.O.C. explained that he has spent a good chunk of his life living with Dre, and that when the two man would have a fight he would go off and live with Snoop Dogg.

"Me and Dre, we have a falling out every couple of years," The D.O.C. said. It was because everybody had money, cars, clothes, and I didn’t ... We got into it behind that. And he let me know some real truths about business. And I wasn't prepared to hear it because I was still floundering…I can spend money anytime I want. I still live in the best houses. Drive the flyest cars, but none of it’s mine. ...I was using Dre’s money. If I needed some money I’d just say 'Hey bruh, I need some money.' That gets a little old. But I was driving his Ferrari everywhere. Wherever he lived, I lived. It was a great life. I lived with Dre most of my life ... I lived with Snoop for a time cause me and Dre was feuding. Otherwise, I'd be living with Dre."
Check out the whole interview below. The D.O.C.'s voice is raspy because of 1989 car accident that crushed his larynx and did major damage to his promising career as a solo artist.

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