Cursed James Harden Gets Caught Slipping With IG Model Farrah Flossit

By HHL Editors

When TMZ caught up with James Harden yesterday, the Rockets guard denied he even knew who Lil B was.

Lil B, of course, is the guy who put a Based God curse on Harden, and who will probably take responsibility for Harden's Rockets going down in the Western Conference finals.

Could it be that the curse extends beyond the basketball court . . .

Today, the Internet is buzzing about a photo Instagram "model" Farrah Flossit posted of her and a sleeping Harden.

Farrah Flossit photo

It's bad enough when a woman who's probably paid by the hour has violated the sanctity of your bed. But it seems like the photo is also messing with Harden's "real" girlfriend.

#BallerMail - (baller mails are sent it) - This comment is allegedly from James Harden girlfriend. He must have told her it was photoshopped and she believed him.

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We're sure Lil B finds all of this quite entertaining.

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