Ty Lawson Admits He Listens To Lil B To Avoid Curse Of The Based God

By HHL Editors

In 2011, Lil B put a Based God curse on Kevin Durant because the OKC superstar said he was baffled by B's popularity.  According To B, the curse forbid the Thunder from winning a title, which they haven't.

Although Lil B lifted the hex  last year, after Durant reached out to B and his followers, he still took responsibility when Durant broke his foot a couple weeks ago.

Ty Lawson, for one, isn't chalking it all up to coincidence. He just did a Reddit AMA to celebrate the  beginning for the season and had this to say when asked what music he's digging.

Ty Lawson

OK, maybe there's a bit more to the story. Lawson is one of a bunch of ballers who B made positive reference to in his track 'NBA Stole My Swag,' so the Bay-area rapper was already on the Nuggets point guard's good side.

Still, the Based God curse is scary proposition. Because of his injury, poor Durant dropped to seventh on the this year's ESPN player rankings, and is now rated behind his teammate Russell Westbrook. Maybe curses will become the next big thing in Hip Hop promotion.

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