Crunchy Black Speaks On His Daughter's Murder


Crunchy Black's daughter Ashley Carter was shot to death in a double homicide in front of a Memphis hotel in August.

Losing a child is the worst thing that could ever happen to a parent, and the former Three 6 Mafia member spoke to Vlad TV about how he reacted when hearing about the terrible tragedy.

"When that happened, I just shut down for a minute,” he explained. “And actually, I was really ready to be do something that I don’t need to be doing. But my organization told me that everything is cool, so it is what it is.”

Black suggested that his daughter may have been involved in some sketchy business.

 “It’s just crazy that when you’re alive, a lot of folks scared to tell you how much they love you. But as soon as you die, everybody right there. So, if everybody would’ve let her know ahead of time they loved her a lot instead of hating on her because she was getting her money and doing what she was doing in the streets, she probably wouldn’t have been in that situation right now.”

However, he thinks it was the guy she was killed with -- Waquel Richardson -- who slipped up.

“What she was doing to get money wasn’t a problem,” he said. “It’s just the n*gga that she was hanging with. Some n*ggas ain’t real. I jump in the car with a n*gga and nigga won’t even let me know that he just robbed somebody, just shot at somebody or none of that. N*ggas ain’t real. So, you just got to realize that around n*ggas, you got to move around. You can’t hang and sit and chill and all that ol’ bullsh*t. But everything I’m doing from that day on is for all for her.”

Lamont Murry has been charged with two counts of first-degree murder in the incident.  He told police that the shooting was in retaliation for another double murder that had happened a few weeks earlier.

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