Did The Crips Ban Chief Keef From New Jersey?

By HHL Editors

Chicago native Chief Keef had a little fun with the state of New Jersey when spitting a few bars on the Sosa track "Faneto."

ā€œIā€™m riding through New York. Finna go and shoot New Jersey up. Tryna take my chain I ain't going through it. We gonna come and blow New Jersey up,ā€™ rapped Keef.

It is believed the 19-year old was referencing an incident in which somebody tried to snatch his chain outside of a Newark nightclub.

In response, the Newark-based Grape Street Crips have recorded a video in which they revoke Keef's New Jersey privileges for what they are calling a "fake diss."

If you're going to get banned from any state it may as well be New Jersey, amiright?

We kid, we kid. New Jersey is a beautiful place. The Garden State, indeed. They have all sorts of crazy stuff growing just on the side of the Turnpike.

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