Crip 03 Greedo Cosigns Lil Xan On 2Pac's Music Being Boring & Questions Pac's Gangsta


Lil Xan made a mess for himself last week when he said 2Pac was boring and claimed the late legend no longer had any clout.

While a lot of folks jumped on Xan, he was defended by Trippie Redd.

Now 03 Greedo is taking Xan's negative opinion of Pac even further.

In an interview with Billboard, not only did the Grape Street Crip say Pac's music is boring, but he questioned Pac's gangsta.

It is [boring], though. Do they need a nigga  who can really rap to tell you? Tupac sucks, nigga. Any type of East Coast, West Coast beef, nigga's from the East Coast. He's delusional. He's a great actor. Part of his music shit was acting. But nigga, I got to go to court on Friday, I got a whole metal leg, I'm really from the projects. I really got my 'hood on my face. My first major project is called The Wolf of Grape Street, the gang I'm from. He didn't even say nothing wrong. Tupac was a bitch ass nigga. I'm a gangsta nigga. What I say goes. I don't give a fuck if I'm wrong.

03 Greedo, who's getting buzz as "The Gucci Mane of The West," dropped the Wolf Of Grape Street mixtape on Friday. 

He is also facing first-degree possession of a controlled substance and third-degree unlawful possession of a firearm by a felon charges. If convicted, he gets 25 to 99 years on the drug charge and two to 20 on the gun charge.

Do you agree that Pac was a boring, fake gangsta?

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