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The Cover For Wu-Tang's 'A Better Tomorrow' Is A GIF

By HHL Editors

Wu-Tang released the cover art for their much awaited album A Better Tomorrow today.

It's a GIF that begins with a combined skyline of cities including New York, Paris, Chicago, Rome, London and Los Angeles. At first there are clouds covering this magical mystical place. But as the clouds begin to form in the shape of the Wu-Tang symbol the sun begins to shine. Then the album's name, A Better Tomorrow, flashes across the screen.

In addition to that innovative touch (which you can see below) the album  is made being available as a limited edition speaker a week before its official drop date.

That date is December 2, and the A Better Tomorrow will feature all of the group's original members, including a few previously unreleased verses from the late ODB.

So far Wu has only leaked one single 'Ron O'Neal', from the album. So we will have to wait a little longer to get a sense of what the Staten Island collective's first album in over seven years will sound like. Check out the GIF:

wu tang gif pixel_end
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