Cop Hops On Guys IG Live To Remind Him About His Warrants

By Benny Franklin

Instagram Live can be a crazy place. We have seen people get shot at, beat up, robbed and even nod off on drugs while streaming live. 

But this next one, this is a first. 

A young man was smoking a blunt while streaming live when a police officer showed up in his live stream. 

The officer says a name that is muffled, but then asks the young man if he got his warrants taken care of yet. The young man looks confused and says "Who are you?"

The officer asks the same question again, and the young man repeats "Who are you?" Then, the officer says "Hey go ahead and track it, he's on Live right now," in which the feed cuts off immediately. 

There is some speculation that this video is fake and a made up "prank," but who knows.


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