Conspiracy Theory On How Kanye Really Broke His Jaw Is Back

By HHL Editors

The 2003 track 'Through The Wire' introduced much of the world to a young man named Kanye West.

In the track, we learn how a car crash broke 'Ye's jaw and a "safe belt" saved his life.

But what if there was no car crash?

An old conspiracy theory alleging that West actually broke his jaw in a dispute over a beat has popped up again, via Twitter.

kanye wire

Then the folks at Fake Shore Drive reminded everyone they told us about this six years ago.

The Internet had their fun.

Kanye had his advocates:

Spin mag found a court document in which West is a defendant in a suit filed by Miguel Villasana, the other victim of the crash. This suggests the conspiracy theory is complete bunk.


Are you a 'Through The Wire' truther or is this just silly?

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