Concepts X Timberland 6-Inch Boot

By Quinn L.V. McDonald

This new Concepts X Timberland 6-inch boot looks like it will be another hit. The Cambridge design house last collabed with Timberland six years ago bringing us an all black 6 inch boot with a tree bark like textured upper. This time around we will get a more luxuriously appointed kick.

Minimalist meets rugged is the simplest way to describe these classic 6 inch boots. The nubuck upper and leather ankle trim are dripping with a velvety smooth wine like burgundy tone, making them look effortlessly stylish. Concepts branded the tongue/chain with tags and embossed their logo on the interior so you wont forget who’s behind them. Only 160 people will be able to cop these February 28th, first at NYC/Boston locations at 10am and then online at 12pm. They will cost $250.

Concepts X Timberland 6-inch boot Concepts X Timberland 6-inch boot


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