Coi Leray Tries To Justify Awful Sales For 'Trendsetter'; Throws Other Rappers Under Bus


Coi Leray called her debut album Trendsetter.

But almost no one hoped on the wave.

The album, which was initially slated for a terrible 11K opening week, only ended up moving 9K.

A disastrous performance even among a year of weak Hip Hop openings. 

TMZ caught up with Coi yesterday and asked her if her album is being slept on.

“I don’t think they’re asleep,” Coi Leray  claimed. “I actually feel like, you know what’s so crazy? I have not got one bad remark on the music. Everybody’s saying the music’s so good it’s just I’m so viral that over time, you know, people I guess expected something more.

But if you do your research and look at your favorite artist’s debut album sales ... come on,” she continued.  “You know what I’m saying? So it’s just it’s a stepping stone. It’s part of the process. I'm happy.  I'm excited."

While it's true that other artists who have gone on to do big things on the charts have had soft debuts (Migos and Lil Durk come to mind), 9K is Troy Ave territory.

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