Christ Bearer Says He's Proud Of Chopping Off His Penis

By HHL Editors

When you make big decisions in your life, you may as well own them.

One of the biggest decisions former Wu Tang affiliate Andre 'Christ Bearer' Johnson has made was cutting off his own penis.

In an interview with Vlad TV, Bearer said he was proud of the incident -- for more-or-less the same reason Neil Armstrong must have been proud to walk on the moon.

"I’m the only man that ever did what the fuck I did and I'm proud of it because why? In the annals of history, I don't think nobody ever did it,” Christ Bearer said. "I'm gonna go down as the nigga that made the biggest mistake."
In the interview, Bearer also said that it was a combinations of PCP, meth, molly, booze, lack of sleep and multiple restraining orders preventing him from seeing his kids that led him to lop off his schlong.

He has previously claimed it's now reattached and working.

Check out the interview below.

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