Chris Tucker Confirms Ice Cube's Remarks On A Fourth 'Friday'


Last Friday, the fourth installment of the Friday franchise, has been in development for over a decade.

According to Ice Cube, the issue is the studio.

He says he's submitted two scripts to Warner Bros., but they've rejected both. He wants Warner to surrender the franchise rights to him so he can move on with it.

OG Friday star Chris Tucker seemed to confirm that's the issue during a chat with V-103 Atlanta.

“It’s studios, and if they got they got to want to do it, and then it’s uh producers and all that stuff, so that that’s it’s a lot, it’s a lot that goes with it,” Tucker said.

And would Tucker appear in the movie if it does get made?

“I don’t know, it has to come back right because, like I said, at this point, you know, I’m only doing stuff that I know that I could do my best and I can have a lot of fun, got to be right,” he explained.

Do you think we'll ever get a fourth Friday?

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