Chris Paul Weighs On In LeBron James Not Wearing Social Justice Jersey


LeBron James seemed like he would be the type to take advantage of the NBA's initiative to allow players to wear a social justice message on their jersey during the restart.

But James, along with his teammate Anthony Davis, are turning down the opportunity because they didn't like the message choices.

James's banana boat buddy and NBA Players Association President Chris Paul says that's A-Okay.

“That’s exactly why we have a league where you get a chance to make a choice,” Paul told The Undefeated. “And I respect any of those guys’ decisions. They may have their reasons why or not. For me … I was excited about the opportunity to speak on ‘Equality’ because I was asked about it. And also, for me, I envisioned my kids watching the game, my homies back home who go to the barbershops and talk about us and whatnot.”

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