Chris Long Smoked Weed Throughout NFL Career; Explains Why He Never Got Caught


Chris Long won two Super Bowls over his 11 year NFL career. He also smoked a lot of weed.

Long just retired, and that allowed him to speak bluntly on his drug use during the Dan Patrick Show.

“I certainly enjoyed my fair share on a regular basis through my career,” Long told Patrick. “If not for that, I’m not as capable of coping with the stresses of the day-to-day NFL life. A lot guys get a lot of pain management out of it."

So what about testing?

"The league, speaking plainly, knows damn well what they're doing. Testing players once a year for 'street drugs,' which is a terrible classification for marijuana, is kinda silly because players know when the test is. We can stop. And in that month or two that you stop, you're going to reach for the sleeping pills, you're going to reach for the pain killers ... If you're serious about players smoking, you'd test more often."

Check out his words:

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