Chris Brown's Stalker Charged with 3 Felonies...Appears Reasonably Sane

By A. Mia Logan

Sometimes, crazy break into celebrity homes, and sometimes it's just really dedicated fanperformanceart by people who may or may not be a bit too into it. In the case of Chris Brown's Naked Voodoo Stalker Woman, it appears to be the latter situation.

After Chris Brown went and did the typical douche-bag thing and blasted the woman on social media with an IG picture of her looking pretty vulnerable on his steps, many people on social media speculated that the woman was suffering from behavioral health issues and that compassion and empathy were in order. Well guess what, those people were wrong!

According to TMZ, the vandal is aspiring singer, Amira Ayeb, and she has been charged with three felonies related to practicing her flick of the wrist on Chris' stove, including vandalism, burglary, and stalking.

Her bail is being posted at $220,0000. But, interestingly enough, her defense team isn't asking for a psych evaluation, which is enough to speculate that she's in at least semi-decent mental health.

Just know that Ayeb refers to herself as Mrs. Brown way too much in her online postings. Check out some of her videos and make your own mental health evaluation.

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