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New Chris Brown Record Leaks After Snippet Circulated For Years

By Alox

Better late than never...

Chris Brown has been having some negative press lately as he has been accused, yet again, of rape. Not only does the singer plan to sue his accuser, but he also lets an old record go that has surfaced onto the Net.

"Can't even play like I'm innocent/ every night I fuck a different bitch" sings a fed-up C.B.

She be like, who dis bitch all up in my house? Why she hidin behind the couch?

C.B.has filed a defamation lawsuit against the woman and is also selling "this bitch lyin" t-shirts inspired by the incident:

Hit the link to purchase the clothes if interested, and check the song below!


Also, peep Chris Brown's latest official single "Undecided" if you haven't already.

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