Chris Brown Is Turning On His Baby Mama Nia Guzman

By HHL Editors

When we first learned of Chris Brown's 9-month old love child, it was said that Breezy enjoyed a good relationship with the little girl's mother, Nia Guzman.

Not so much anymore. According to TMZ, Brown didn't actually learn he was the daddy until last month. Then, when he did, he worked out a very generous child support package with Guzman; more than he would have been required to pay based on his income.

But that was contingent on the 31-year old former model keeping her mouth shut.

Now Brown believes Guzman is the source of all the recent leaks concerning his parentage, and the nature of their relationship. So he is preparing to go to court to ask a judge how much child support he should pay -- which should be less than he's paying now.

The extra cash might be helpful, since Brown's last album didn't exactly fly off the shelf.

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