Chris Brown Tells Soulja Boy Not To Take Steroids For Their Fight

By Daryl Nelson

On Thursday ( Feb. 2), Chris Brown told Soulja Boy that the fight between them is still on, and he plans to torture him, which got a response from SB.

Soulja told the 'Party' singer to hurry up and sign the paperwork so the fight could move forward. The rapper also said that he signed his contract last week, and Brown is holding things up.

Then the R&B star claped back, and he told Mr. "Pretty Boy Swag" that the paperwork would be signed, and the match would go on. He also told Soulja not to take steroids.

"Don't worry," said Chris. "The contract going to get signed. That's a done deal. You acting like I'm holding up something. We not holding up shit. It's going to go how it's going to go ... Just be ready for your shit. Don't juice neither, n----. It's going to make you more tired. You gonna be fatigued. One hundred twenty pounds soaking wet, right? Lil n----."
An official date for the fight hasn't been released yet, and there's no word if it's still taking place in Dubai. Maybe all of that will be announced once Chris signs his contract.


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