Chris Brown Takes His Shot At Jennifer Lopez

By Daryl Nelson

Chris Brown has it bad for Jennifer Lopez, and he was honest about it during an interview with Angie Martinez on New York station 105.1. The sexy 48-year-old was in one of Chris' recent videos and Breezy spoke on an encounter they had.

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"J. Lo bad," he said. "I'm just letting [her] know, 'Hey, look, I might've stiffened up a little bit when I was back at the little show. There was a lot of people back there, and I was nervous. My palms was sweaty. I said 'Hi,' but I like you and I want you."
Brown added that the age difference between he and J. Lo means nothing, and she can "get it anytime."

There's also that little matter of the former New York Yankee slugger Alex Rodriguez, who's been dating Lopez for several months now.

"Oh you know what, playboy? My bad," Chris said about A-Rod.
What do you think Ms. Lopez will think about the singer's statements? You can watch the full interview below.


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