Chris Brown Is Pissed He's Being Lumped In With Tyrese


Tyrese has been living his ups and downs on the Internet lately.

Anyone with access to his Instagram knows the R&B star and actor has gone broke fighting his ex-wife for custody of their daughter and that he is pissed at The Rock for delaying Fast & Furious 9 (and his much-needed paycheck.)

They also know that Uncle Will Smith and Aunt Jada Pinkett Smith just wrote him a $5 million check so he could keep his head above water.

Tyrese isn't the first R&B star to have high profile problems. Chris Brown is often in the news for bad things. But when Revolt TV linked the two together Breezy wasn't feeling it one bit. 

  Do you think Tyrese and Chris Brown is a fair comp or is Brown right to challenge it?


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