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Chris Brown Gets Everyone Going By Embracing Conspiracy Theory


They're never going to let Chris Brown forget about how he beat up Rihanna.

He learned that today when he tried to praise the old Vanessa Carlton track "A Thousand Miles" only to have Carlton tell him she wanted no part of him because of his past domestic violence. 

So Breezy may as well just be the guy who's going to piss everyone off. He did a little bit of that on Instagram by seemingly embracing the flat earth theory promoted by B.O.B., Kyrie Irving and more.

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"Stop believing NASA", reads the image in Brown's post.

Flat-earthers like to question the reliability of NASA because of their pesky satellite images from space displaying Earth's curve and their many, vocal astronauts who have flown around the round planet. 

Do you think Brown  -- or, anyone-- is really flat-earth?

Or all they all just having some troll fun?


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