Chris Brown Calls Out TMZ Right Before They Detail His Codeine Addiction

By HHL Editors

If you checked out TMZ this morning, you were greeted with the headline "CHRIS BROWN: SIZZURP IS TAKING OVER HIS LIFE ... Say Friends and Family."

In the article that follows, the gossip site lays out the evidence that Brown has a Codeine addiction with lots of photos and videos of his double cupping -- including at a kid's party. TMZ also claims that Brown's friends are worried that his sizzurp problem will cost him the custody of his daughter Royalty.

Brown must have been tipped off that the story was going to run because last night he posted these Tweets:

This isn't the first time he's gone after TMZ. Does Brown have a point?  Or is he just a famous person who either needs to stop being famous or stop doing things that will get him in the tabloids?

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