Chinx's Mom Says French Montana Needs To Give More Answers About Murder

By HHL Editors

It was a year ago this week that Chinx was shot to death while while driving his Porsche in Queens, New York.

In the immediate aftermath of the unsolved murder, Chinx's Coke Boys boss French Montana was thrust into the spotlight. He recorded a video tribute to Chinx, but there were also questions about how much he was really helping Chinx's family. French addressed those doubts in an Instagram post in which he blasted the "hateful speech" being directed toward him.

Fast forward to this week. In a Fox 5 interview, Chinx's mom Veronica Clinton said she felt "disrespected" by the way Montana and his boss Puff Daddy responded to Chinx's death, and the way French treated her at the funeral.

"They ain't said nothing to me since my child been dead. Even when my child was dead, they didn't say nothing to me," said Clinton. "They need to come and see me. "Because I'm Lionel's mother. I need answers, that's why," she added when asked why French and Puff owed her a visit.
Does she have a point?

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