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Chief Keef's 'Bang 3 Pt. 2' Track Listing

By Sermon

Get ready for Chief Keef's Bang 3 disc 2. The first disc was released earlier this month,  abd part two will be out on September 18. For the artwork, he kept it simple as the black three rings turn to a red cover.

Chief Keef is under the impression that you can get the album today but, iTunes has it listed for September 18. Who knows if it's an error on Apple's part or if Keef is just uninformed on his release date. For now, you can listen to the first single below.

1. Pee Pee’d 2. Wit It 3. Bouncin’ 4. Charge My Car 5. Get That Sack 6. Irri f/ Lil B 7. Racist 8. Gloin’ 9. That Night 10 It’s More 11. OG Fiji 12. Tree Tree