Chicago Rapper Bump J Gets Out Of Prison

By HHL Editors

Bump J was rising star and Chicago street legend a little over a decade ago.

He had a deal with Atlantic Records for a minute. (But lost it over "creative differences.")  His first single 'Move Around' was produced by Kanye West, and it was featured on Madden NFL 06.

But the Goon Squad rapper threw that all away in 2007 when he robbed a Oak Park, Ill Chase Bank for $100,000. He was eventually arrested and took a 10 year plea deal instead of risking a life sentence.

West helped him pay for his lawyers when he fought the case.

Bump was released from federal prison this week after serving eight years.

Last year, he told XXL that he was planning a comeback once he gets out.

“I think it won’t be much different than when I was out. I’ve gotten better musically because I’m just a better man, mentally. So, I think hip-hop will love me just the same, if not more. People respect struggle and stand up niggas. I took my lick and never told, so I will always be respected as a man and that’s what’s important. Music has always been the easy part to me.”
Do you think there's a place in the game for Bump J?

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