Check How Kanye's Two New "Songs" Did On The Chart


Kanye West capped off an interesting April by dropping two surprise tracks, "Ye Vs. The People" and "Lift Yourself."

The poop-filled "Lift Yourself" was a pure troll: A quick scat track about scat.

"Ye Vs. The People" -- a more traditional song -- is still a lyrical discussion between Kanye And T.I. about Kanye's trolly Trump-loving behavior.

Here's how the two tracks did on the charts.

On the one hand, those are pretty crap numbers for a major recording artist who's been all over the news. On the other hand, Ye somehow got people to download a song about crap.

What do you think is going to happen on the charts when Kanye comes with more (and presumably more serious) music in a few weeks?

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