Check The Most Popular Fast Food Restaurants For Stoners


Now that marijuana is legal in a good chunk of the country, we have better data on the habits of stoners.

A survey by the  Green Market Report of 27,500 people in the 25 markets marijuana has been legalized (base population of 55 million) has found that McDonald's is the most popular fast food restaurant among those who smoke weed, with 43 percent hitting the Golden Arches.

Taco Bell is second at 18 %, Wendy's third at 17.8 %, Burger King fourth at 17.6% and Subway fifth at 8.7 %.

McDonald wouldn't comment on being crowned king among stoners.

Here are the ten most popular fast food restaurants among tokers. 

1. McDonald’s
2. Taco Bell
3. Wendy’s

4. Burger King
5. Subway
6. Kentucky Fried Chicken

7. Arby’s
8. Chick-Fil-A
9. Jack-In-The-Box
10. Carl’s Jr.

Here are the top ten among everyone:

1. McDonald's
2. Starbucks
3. Subway

4. Burger King
5. Wendy's
6. Taco Bell

7. Dunkin Donuts
8. Chick-Fil-A
9. Pizza Hut
10. Panera Bread

What and where do you like to eat when you're blazed?

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