Check Out The Projections For Frank Ocean's 'Blonde'

By HHL Editors

Frank Ocean's Blond[e] has been four years in the making, and has been promoted with every ounce of Apple's hype machine.

It looks like that's going to result in some pretty big first week numbers.

According to Billboard, Blond[e] is expected to move between 225 and 250K sales plus streaming it its first seven days.

That's a large increase from Ocean's 2012 album Channel Orange, which did 130K in its first week, and will easily land Ocean number one on the album chart.

Still, it pales in comparison to the 1.07 million SPSĀ Drake's Views did first week.

It's also not in the same ballpark as this year's other huge release, Beyonce's Lemonde, which did 653K SPS.

Have you listened to Blonde? If so, what did you think?


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