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Check Out The Original Version Of Tupac's 'Dear Mama'

By HHL Editors

Tupac’s mom Afeni Shakur, who passed away this week at age 69, was immortalized in the Pac track 'Dear Mama.'

In turns out the version of the song that dropped wasn't the original. DJ King Assassin explains in an interview with Ambrosia for Heads.

"The original version of 'Dear Mama' was far different than the version that was released, as far as the hook was constructed," he said. "Originally, the hook was a sample of a song from the legendary rapper and friend of both of ours named Yo-Yo, from Ice Cube's [Da] Lench Mob. The sample was 'Wouldn’t be a damn thang without a woman,' which was taken from the original song from Ice Cube's 'This Is A Man’s World,' with the scratching done, of course, by yours truly DJ King Assassin."
Unfortunately, Pac couldn't clear the sample Yo-Yo was singing over, so her part had to be removed. 'Dear Mama' did fine without it, becoming a top ten hit and a classic. Check out the original version with Yo-Yo.

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