Check Out These Hip-Hop Album Inspired NBA Jerseys

By Sermon

Hip Hop and the NBA have long gone hand-in-hand. But here's a new creative idea that graphic designer Patso Dimitrov has conjured up: NBA jerseys that are inspired by Hip Hop albums.

Dimitrov converts classic albums from 50 Cent, Frank Ocean, Jay Z, Kanye West, Clipse, and more into proper looking NBA jerseys. From the colors to the numbers, these are quite accurate.

One of Patso's goals is to make these jerseys an actual thing, but copyright issues are likely to come into play. However, he tells Pigeons & Planes that he "might tweak a few things here and there and collab with a manufacturer… the other option is for one of the big companies to contact me and clear up the copyright issues."

If these jerseys do get made, which ones would you purchase? Check out some of them below, and head over to P&P for the rest.











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