Charles Barkley Speaks On The End Of "Inside The NBA"


We don't know yet which network will receive the NBA broadcast package starting in the 25-26 season.

The rumor is that it will be a combination of NBC, ESPN, and Amazon.

However, it has become increasingly clear that the current rights holders, TNT, will not be involved.

That means no more of the legendary studio show Inside The NBA, fearing Ernie, Chuck, Shaq, and Kenny.

Barkley spoke on the upcoming end of an era.

"It sucks right now for the people I work with ... I worry about the people I work with.  I just turned 61. I got enough money.  Hey, I don't even look it at as getting fired.  I say, 'damn, I get to play more golf.'  ... but I really feel bad.  200 people are going to lose their job on Turner."

He was then asked if they studio team would take their show to another network.

"Ernie [Johnson] is almost 70 year old.  I think he's going to retire sooner rather than later ... Ernie would not go to another network.  I would listen before I made any decision," Chuck said.

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