Chanel West Coast Goes Nuts On Bouncer; Rants About Lil Pump's Race


Chanel West Coast is not as hot as she thinks she is.

The Young Money rapper and reality TV figure was turned down entry into the West Hollywood club Poppy's last night even though she was rolling with seven other "hot girls" and from Black Eyed Peas.

As you can see, she didn't react well to the rejection.

"[I'm] way too poppin' to fuckin' wait to get in," Chanel screams in the general direction of the doorman "Ya'll think you the shit. That's why you security, you'll never be more than security weak ass bitch. Security loves to hold down whoever the fuck they can because they insecure about their own life, wish you could be a little white girl rapping, bitch. You wish you could spit bars like me."

In addition to all the "hot girls" and lesser BEP member, Chanel was also rolling with a homie who had Lil Pump-looking hair. But when a passerby asked if it was the "Gucci Gang" rapper, Chanel went off.

"Lil Pump is not black. If one more motherfucka asks if he's Lil Pump ya'll racist. Lil Pump is not black. He's black. So don't fucking ask him if he's Lil Pump. Ya'll racist and stupid. Fucking retards."

Alrighty then.


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