Chance The Rapper Responds To Joe Budden Criticizing His New Song

By Daryl Nelson

Chance The Rapper received a lot of praise after he performed his new song 'First World Problems' on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert last month. But not everyone liked it, including Joe Budden.

“What the fuck is Chance doing?” asked Joe while watching the performance. “What is this style of music? Is this Polk music? What the fuck are these two niggas doing? Enough of the Apollo shit.”
Although it took a while for Chano to respond, he finally did during an interview with Robyn Neal, in which he declared he was "the culture."

“I did a song and I was getting hit up all over the internet because someone didn’t like it, this talk show host, Joe Budden," he said. "I don’t get upset about stuff like that because that’s just what music is. You don’t always have to have songs that everyone likes or always make music ... to fit in whats around. You can just make music and if you’re confident enough, you'll probably get to perform it on late night." “There’s this idea that things have to make things for the culture and push the culture forward and it’s like, nigga I am the culture. Whatever decisions I made, they’re made and I also fuck with Joe Budden. I know he has to do his thing. He has a talk show now but before he was an artist and he got to do whatever he wanted. Now he has to go to his job and clock in and clock out and provide his insight. Niggas gotta do what they gotta do.”

What do you think about Chance's song and Joe's comments?

Updated: Budden has responded to Chance's response on today's Everyday Struggle. He says he was only offering an "objective opinion" on the song and accused Chance of being "passive-aggressive."

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