Chance The Rapper Explains Why Kanye Missed The Grammys

By HHL Editors

Kanye West was among the prominent artists who skipped the Grammys.

Drake, Frank Ocean and Justin Bieber said they didn't show up because they don't believe the award show does a good job representing black and/or young music.

21-time Grammy winner Ye's reps implied that West was also skipping out because he didn't think the show paid proper respect to black artists.

In a new interview with Katie Couric, Kanye's Chicago buddy Chance The Rapper seemed to confirm that as the reason.

"We talked about the Grammys for a long time," Chance said, adding West thought it "didn't make sense" to show up. "I think it's the reason why a lot of people didn't show up," Chance explained of 'Ye's decision.
Should black (and young) artists boycott the Grammys in the future?


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