Celina Powell Details Coke Fueled Sexual Encounter With Snoop Dogg


Shameless Hip Hop groupie Celina Powell is now claiming she had a wild sexual encounter with Snoop Dogg.

Powell, who's been involved with Tekashi 6ix9ine, attempted to be involved with Joyner Lucas, and notoriously tried to trick Offset into thinking he knocked her up, has revealed the details of the tryst because Snoop recently laughed at her on social media.

According to Powell -- who is known to completely make things up -- Snoop flew her out for a rendezvous at an apartment he owns in 2018.

They started having sex without a condom. In the middle, Snoop grabbed a bag of coke and started doing lines off of her chest and continued to do blow as the session dragged on.  When it was over, Snoop held her tenderly and had her scratch his chest

"It was so frinkin weird," she said of the encounter.

Apparently, Snoop invited her to the BET awards, which was the next day, but she didn't go. They later had another sexual encounter, after which they got into some sort of dispute about money.

Some gossip pages are reporting Snoop's wife Shante Broadus is furious over Powell's revelations and is leaving Snoop.

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